How Google overcomes secure browsing issues

It’s safe to say that malware attacks, phishing scams, and social media engineering practices are going nowhere fast. That means that, whether you are a home user or the owner or manager of a small or medium-sized business, if you choose to ignore safer online security practices you are putting your identity and the security […]

What can you do about the NSA Spying on you?

“Here are a few proactive measures you can deploy today securing and protecting yourself and your business”

Few week ago we all heard about the NSA Spying program, first this is not a political paper that I am writing here, but it confirms my long term believe that the government know where to find you if needed.

Viruses Unleashed over the Holiday in Target of End of the World (EOW)

It’s me Femi Dada from Smarthost Design Technologies. Sorry for interrupting your holiday weekend, but you will for sure find this email worthy.

In light of the end of the world (EOW) there are some viruses, malware and Trojans going on out there, I just want you to know of this and learn from my mistake.

What is “UPS” and why is it one of the most important preventive measures you can take to keep your computer, network and servers secure during severe weather storm.


My Fellow Business Owners and Managers,

In the wake of the recent severe weather storm, if you are like most people we began thinking about what we could have done differently to prevent and minimize damages. In this short article I will like to share with you one of the most significant preventive measure you could have done if not already done to prevent your business critical infrastructure (computers, servers, network switches, phone systems, backup devices) from and hard crash, disaster and loss of data.

Cyber Security, How do you protect your devices and yourself

This past Saturday, I open the Washington Post and discovered what I have always thought was the case in an article title “Cyberspace the fragile frontier” written by Brobert O’Harrow Jr. You may wonder what I meant by “the case”? In this age of connectivity, networktivity (yes I made that word up) where we are all connected by devices, network, social-media, and other systems connected to each other.