Hello Business Owners,

There is a lot of information and misinformation out there about COVID-19 and just like you, my inbox is getting overwarmed by all the information. I also believe that less more, the key importance is to take action quickly and because of that, I have put together these resources to help our customer and businesses for planning financially, working remotely, helping your employees cope, and leading with excellence during a crisis.

I will continue to update these resources found here as there are new developments and programs available.

As always, I’m here to help you need on concerns about your business and business continuity.

Stary safe. We will prevail.


President and CEO

1. Maryland State Information

2. CARES Act:

3. Remote Business Operation Tools and Support for Government Contracting Companies

Free Training on how to use

4. Staying Secure while working from Home For Government Contracting Companies

5. Smarthost Design Webinars during these crises

  • a. What every business need to know for business in the “New Normal Economy”
  • b. What every business need to know to stay secure and not get hacked