Essence & Benefits of VoIP Communication Systems

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Lanham, MD - 12/1/2010 - In an ever-difficult economy for small to mid-sized businesses, one Columbia web merchant - Pen Boutique, LTD ( - captures the essence and benefits of VoIP communication to become more productive while saving on communication costs.

Tough economic cycles often cause one of two things in small to mid-sized businesses: it produces solvency or bankruptcy. It is in times like these that smart small businesses grow while their large competitors scramble around looking for ways to reduce cost and waste.

During their recent office and customer care support center relocation, Howard County "Emerging Success Award" winner and winner of Best of the Columbia award by US Retailers Association for the Years 2007 and 2008, Pen Boutique, LTD, contacted Smarthost Design Technologies, LLC to help them navigate the difficult challenges in choosing the right communication system. After carefully working to understand Pen Boutiques, LTD's needs for call volume, internet usage, voice mail requirement, remote worker capability, call auto attendant, multiple location support systems, and more, it became apparent that the company needed a solution that would support and grow with their business operation. That solution was the convergence of Voice and Data called Voice over IP (VOIP), which has allowed the company to save up to 40% on their communication expenses while increasing overall company productivity communication and allowing them to collaborate more effectively.

"We are now multi-lined and we are able to increase the staff as per the volume without having to worry about the extra lines. The various features like transfers and call waiting are making a great improvement in responding to our customers."

Raj Menon, Director

Reports show that companies who implement a VoIP communication system see a Return on Investment (ROI) within 3-6 months of implementation, and save up to 30% of their previous communication expenditure. Now is the time to act, and with the maturity of VoIP communications, small and mid-sized businesses are in a key position to reap the benefits of consistence internet service and VoIP communication with a guaranteed Service Level Agreement (SLA) from a reliable VoIP system provider - matched with a core VoIP SIP-based internet/duet services provider.

"The auto attendant and the flexibility of AastraLink Pro 160 have made a great improvement. Also, since implementing the system, we have been able to have multiple concurrent lines which allows us maximum throughput."

Raj Menon, Director

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