Smarthost Design Technologies Announces MBE Certification from MDOT

Contact: Femi Dada
Smarthost Design Technologies LLC
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Small minority information technology services provider achieve Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certification despite what majority says about the difficult process

January 2, 2012 -- Lanham, MD -- Smarthost Design Technologies (SHD Technologies- An Information Technology (IT) consulting and technologies services provider is proud to announce their recent Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE), and Airport Concessions Disadvantage Business Enterprise (ACDBE) Certification awarded by the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT). After completed, meeting and passing the review and rigorous requirements to mitigate fraud in the MBE certification process, this certification award proves that SHD Technologies Inc. meets the requirements to do business with large corporations, local, state, and federal government department as a minority business entity.

According to MDOT, an MBE/DBE/ACDBE certified companies are eligible to fulfill minority business participation goal on contracts issued by the state of Maryland and would be listed in the directory of certified MBE/DBE/ACBE firms.

"It’s great to be certified because it provides opportunity to work bringing great ideas to the public sector from what we have been working on with our commercial client today and also give us the preferential competitive edge to work with major prime contractors in order to help them meet their minority business participation requirement, so I call that a win-win situation" – Femi Dada, President & CEO – Smarthost Design Technologies Inc.

With this certification, we are welcoming prime contractors to consider our arrays of technology solution to meet their client needs and solve business challenges. Learn more at

Founded in 2001, Smarthost Design Technologies (SHD Technologies) is a leading Local Small Minority own, MDOT Certified MBE, and Small Business Disadvantage Information Technology (IT) Solution Provider with over 10 years of experience providing solutions to private sector companies and organization; helping to mitigate risk, manage cost, improve services quality and delivering solution fast while staying on schedule and on budget. Our core competences are in Information Technology (IT) Services, System Integration, Managed Services, Network Infrastructure, System installation, Network Security, Cloud Computing, Hardware Repair and Maintenance Management, and Technology Resources Provider.