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Free Secure Wi-Fi in Businesses attracts more customers

December 16, 2014

Today’s Tech tips is picked out of my experience from the Ikea store last week.

As you know Ikea is a Swedish furniture store, what you may not know is that they have got one of the best breakfast for the your money, in fact they have free breakfast on Tuesday’s, a convenient atmosphere for lunch or work in, and a very nice coffee the way I like it (not too strong and not too hot).

As you can see with plenty of room to walk around and work in, meet eat and shop if you are like me buying Unicef Christsmas cards for the holidays.

But more specific on this “Technology TechTip” side of this blog post is that, Ikea offers “Free secure Wi-Fi” access to the internet. As you know I am a big proponent of Businesses offering free secure Wi-Fi access to their customers, guest that comes into their businesses. Here are few reason why:

  1. Free Wi-Fi makes your business a magnet for people, most appropriate if your business is in the retail, public services business.
  2. You can collect and build your list of potential future customers. In this case Ikea requires you to register with a simple email and zip code. You know what they’re going to do right? But it's OK.
  3. Before you know it, the same Wi-Fi surfers will be heading out of your store with merchandise, services in their hands and bags.

So that's it for today’s tech tip. If you have a public facing business, free secure Wi-Fi for your guest and potential customer is a step towards reaching your business goal “reaching more customer and growing more sales”

To learn more about how you can offer free and secure Wi-Fi in your business all at no cost to you please visit this link:

Enjoy the video and pictures and please make it a great day.

Femi Dada
Smarthost Design Technologies