Smart Collaborate in and out of Conference Room

Dynamically make your point to both the audience in front of you, and the audience all over the world in and out of your office

The Mondopad tool is your all-in-one solution to give powerful presentations. Everything you need to wow your audience is right at your fingertips. Whether you are giving a sales presentation, proposal writing collaboration or contract officer’s presentation, the Mondopad is your best tool.

Consider all the different tools included in the Mondopad:

  • Large 55-inch touch screen display
  • Digital whiteboard, a full Windows 7 Pro OS,
  • And a high definition camera with four microphones.

All of these tools can be utilized to not only enhance your presentation, but Mondopad also can expand your presentation by allowing you to collaborate with team members around the world with powerful online conferencing tools.

Visualize Anything with Whiteboard

The whiteboard app gives you all the tools you need to fully communicate big ideas.

You have a full set of drawing and writing tools at your disposal. And with Monopad’s 55-inch screen, you will have more than enough space to fully communicate whatever your idea looks like. And after you have expressed yourself on the whiteboard, share your scribbles by emailing them to meeting participants.

Engage Your Audience with Multi-touch

Multi-touch makes it easy to immerse your entire audience in your presentation.

For years, presentations have been given the same way; the presenter talks and the audience listens. The Mondopad sets new presidents for presentations by engaging the audience like never before. Now everybody can interact with the information, this empowers both the presenter and the audience paticipation.

The Mondopad allows for easy document sharing with everybody involved in the meeting. The folder structure is designed to be simple enough that anybody can add, remove, and launch a document from the same Microsoft Office applications that you use every day, and all of Modopad’s software is optimized for touch. Team communication is enhanced with real-time collaboration capability. You can even take notes directly on Office documents with Mondopad’s whiteboard tools by highlighting key information, sharing notes, and much more.

The sharing feature is made possible with a built in 2.4 GHz WiFi, this allows any authorized user on your network to connect with the Mondopad from whatever mobile device they are using. Meeting participants can even follow along remotely on their device and view whatever is displayed on the Monodpad on their own screen. Modopad’s WiFi can also come in handy by creating a secure access point so everybody in the room can connect to the internet.

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