Network Security

Smarthost’s Network Security services put risks at bay and let you take control of your critical assets

Guard your business’s network while remaining compliant

There’s an increasing number of threats facing businesses every day. In addition, government authorities implement ever-changing compliance regulations that put pressure on businesses on regulated industries. Such government-imposed policies include protecting customers’ Personal Identification Information (PII) against cyber criminals. How should businesses cope?

These threats are increasing on a daily basis due to social media, social engineering, globalization, cloud computing, cyber attacks, as well as other risks that cause IT infrastructures to be compromised. When left unaddressed, these vulnerabilities could lead to loss of data, Intellectual Patents (IPs), competitive edge, and customer loyalty; costly remediation and/or legal fees; and company reputational ruin. Smarthost’s Network Security solutions help you avoid all these consequences.

Smarthost’s Network Security coverage includes your business’s:

  • Customer Relation Management (CRM) program
  • Accounting data and business financial information on software such as QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics GP, and more
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Human resources data
  • Personal Financial Information (e.g., SSN, DoB, credit card numbers, banking information)
  • Patient records
  • Other confidential business data

Smarthost has the security solution your business needs

Smart Network Shield®

Intelligent security solution

Our network security and risk analysis professionals designed Smart Network Shield® based on the Operationally Critical Threat and Vulnerability Evaluation (OCTAVE®) Method developed by CERT®1.

Made for business data and network security

Includes a risk-based strategic assessment and planning techniques for businesses.

Self-directed tool

With a self-directed approach, this tool lets your employees assume responsibility for setting the business strategy to keep your data secure, following our recommendations.

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