Wi-Fi Solution

Secure Wi-Fi Access Internet Solution for Retails Shops, Restaurants, Hospitals, Healthcare or Gaming Facilities Now Available. Seamlessly, Easy to Use, Secure and Accessible Like Never Before.

Tired of consumer grade makeshift access point, difficult to configure, rocket science to secure, too hard to manage and unreliable to handle all your customer traffic?
Smarthost Design Technologies’ introduces a revolutionary Wi-Fi Access point Solution in compliant with your industry requirements and gives your business data analysis and insight to increase customer engagement.

Smarthost Wi-Fi as a Services (WaaS) is a revolution that is transforming businesses across the DC area ask us how you can transform your business today leveraging customer behavior and data analysis to serve and deliver services to your customer better than before.

Benefits of WaaS:

  • Secure Access to data and internet
  • Multi-site analysis and reporting helps retailers measure foot traffic and presence-based user behavior
  • Use data analytics to make decisions on staffing, storefront design, or employee and BYOD policies
  • Increase access and traffic to your business by integrating Social media networks
  • Drive customer engagement by integrating with existing customer relationship management (CRM) systems
  • Optimize customer engagement through new insights into stores
  • Engage with socially networking/media integration

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