Small and Medium Business IT Support

Worry about your business while Smarthost works on your IT

Technology is great but not when it breaks. As your IT team, Smarthost works dutifully to keep your IT infrastructure at its peak and prevent downtime from disrupting your operations.

Do we also fix unexpected IT problems? Of course, we do. But under our watch, your systems will always be in tip-top shape, so your business experiences greater efficiency and increased productivity rather than technology failures.

Does your company experience any of these?

  • Problematic computers that slow down operations
  • Inaccessible business-critical files due to system failures
  • Long-standing technology issues that never seem to get fixed
  • Talking to unsympathetic and unhelpful IT helpdesk teams manned by robots
  • Anticipating new system problems as previous ones remain unresolved

Your time, patience and budget are running out fast and you need smart solutions -- now.


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Smarthost’s Expert Managed IT Services

Unreliable support, expensive fixes, and other technology problems cost money, time, and effort. With our expert managed IT services, you don’t have to worry about these obstacles to your business’s growth.


Proactive Maintenance

When it comes to monitoring your systems, we are proactive in weeding out potential causes of network slow down, system failures, and other issues.


Affordable and Predictable Costs

Knowing how much you have to spend helps you keep your IT budget at a manageable and practical level.


Quick Response

We will never leave you hanging. When you call, expect to hear from us in one hour or less. We fix problems remotely or on-site, whichever is most practical.


Complete Reporting

You have every right to know what’s happening in your network, so we’ll provide you with complete documentation of your network’s issues to guide you in making smart IT decisions.


Preventative Approach to Risks

We act as the gatekeepers of your IT infrastructure, protecting you from every possible disaster and cyber attack.


No Geek Speak

We make sure you’re able to understand the infrastructure we build and maintain for you by using plain language.

We’ll do IT for you

Our business’s services are designed for companies that don’t have the resources to maintain an in-house IT team, but need their IT stable, reliable, and safe. Whether it’s for small-to-medium-sized firms or larger enterprises, our diverse pool of technology experts can deal with businesses’ IT needs: proactive network monitoring, safeguarding data, halting system crashes and downtime, and automating processes. That’s what you get with Smarthost.


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Network Security


Cloud Solutions


Managed-IT Services


VoIP Services

Not sure we’re right for you?

We understand your doubts. Choosing the right IT management services provider requires critical thought. To guide you on your decision-making, learn about what we can do to maintain and protect your network by ordering our vastly informative book, Easy Prey: How To Protect Your Business From Data Breach, Cybercrime & Employee Fraud.

Our expertise comes from years of experience and a variety of issues resolved and clients served. We compile them in this book, which outlines all the essential information you could ever need to safeguard your business from today’s sophisticated cyber crimes. Order now and we’ll give you free services worth $1,000!


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