Group voice call on Facebook

Skype used to dominate an area of VoIP communications that serves a special function: group video calling. With apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp and, most recently, Slack nipping at its heels, it comes as no surprise that social network behemoth Facebook takes a slice of the cake with its recently rolled out desktop group voice calling.

Advertising on its way to Facebook Messenger

If you enjoy being able to use Facebook Messenger without seeing endless advertisements, then prepare to be disappointed. It appears that those days are numbered, since the social networking giant has announced its plans to make the service ad-supported.

VoIP comes to Facebook Messenger

One of the most popular, and arguably important, websites is Facebook. This social media service has almost single handedly transformed the way we communicate and use the Internet. One of the more popular ways to communicate over Facebook is through the use of the Messenger mobile app.