Essential tools for remote working

The global pandemic hasn’t defeated many hard-working managers and teams. They’re protecting themselves from the virus, meeting deadlines, collaborating on projects, and hitting business goals, all while working from home. In this article, we’ll go through a list of the essentials tools for the new normal that is remote working.

Gantt charts – useful or not?

The project is one of the more common business processes used by companies around the globe. This process, which is different from your daily tasks and has a start and end date, can vary in complexity and length of time. One of the more important project scheduling tools is the Gantt chart which can help […]

Watch Out: Your Next Project Could Fail

In many industries there is a fine line between profit and disaster. This is especially true for small businesses, where even a tiny mistake can can have big negative implications. Owners and managers need to ensure that their projects are living up to expectations in order to be successful and stay in business.